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Archives 2006

**  English 2008

>>> The Mois de la Photo-OFF is a fringe festival organised in parallel to the official Mois de la Photo festival, held in November every two years.

Our goal is to offer a dynamic selection of emerging photographers exhibited in young galleries and unexpected spaces, like a train station.

If you are a photographer and are interested in participating, you must first find a space in which to exhibit your work.

This space could be a gallery, a cultural center, a bookshop or almost any other indoor or outdoor space which is suitable to host an exhibition. Bars, restaurants and cafés are excluded.

All the exhibits are free and are listed in a printed catalogue according to their geographic position in the city.

Please note that the festival organisers do not propose spaces to photographers, so if you do not live in Paris, please think twice about the practicalities of organising your own exhibit before pre-inscription (which costs 15 euros).

Due to the enormous content of this site (101 exhibits in Paris), it is impossible for us to develop a complete English version.

There is therefore no other documentation available in English.

If you have any specific questions, please contact us.

Le Mois de la Photo-OFF est un événement organisé par Paris Photographique